Going to an oral exam with your dentist since an early age can prevent the development of different dental problems such as malocclusions, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and so on.

What is dental prevention?

Dental cleaning consists in removing tartar, plaque and to polish the surface of the teeth with ultrasound equipment. It is a procedure performed by a professional dentist and is the best choice to prevent tooth decay with proper oral hygiene. It is recommended to do it at least twice a year, because it is the average time in which the plaque is deposited on the teeth damaging the gums and alveolar bone.

Orthodontics for children

As there is no exact age to start orthodontic treatment in children, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a medical evaluation from 7 or 8 years old.

How to know if your child needs early treatment?

– Early or late loss of milk teeth (the child usually begins to lose milk teeth at 6 years and will have all their permanent teeth at age 13).

– Difficulty in chewing.

– Mouth breathing.

– If the child sucks his thumb after 5 years.

– Chipped or protruding teeth.

– When the child divert jaw when biting.

– Crooked or crowded teeth.