Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

It is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of maxillary alterations (bone), and as well as the soft tissues of the mouth that could be of congenital, etiological or acquired.

What conditions must be to receive this treatment?

For this type of treatment, it’s necessary that both specialists, orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon, from the beginning work together in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan properly. The results in the majority of patients are highly satisfactory.

What are the pre-operative instructions?

Any patient who needs surgery should have:

– Laboratory tests and X-rays

– Oral hygiene

– Not having eaten

– Be accompanied by an adult

What are the post-operative care?

– Taking medications as indicated

– Relative or absolute rest depending on the case

– Application of ice packs (in most cases)

– Proper oral hygiene

– In particular cases, the surgeon will give you specific instructions.