Migraines, tension headaches or myofascial pain can be the cause of temporomandibular disorders. The symptoms certainly go beyond the damage to the musculoskeletal skeletal system, as they manage to involve earaches, vertigo, neck pain, buzzing and dental pain. These problems are caused by a bad bite and premature contact points.

Earache or headache

Remaining with the jaw locked is a problem that affects many people and occurs as a result of disorders related to the jaw joint, the complex masticatory muscles and / or the cervical area. Sometimes a laugh or a yawn is enough for some people to literally keep their mouths open and locked. In other cases, a blow or other trauma can leave someone unable to pronounce a word.

Lock jaw

One of the symptoms of the ATM disorder, is the annoying sound that is generated when opening the mouth too much, it feels as if the jaw will jump or get stuck for seconds. Stress is also associated with this disorder. Many people with ATM problems do grind their teeth, on the other hand, some who doesn’t have ATM, can grind their teeth out of stress.

Click or crack when opening or closing the mouth