It is a facial deformity where the lower jaw is in front of the upper jaw, giving the appearance of having the face “forward” and presenting an excess of chin. It is recommended to assist with specialists in the area to receive professional attention.


It gives the appearance of having half of the face with sunken aspect and that the chin stands out more than normal. In these cases, reconstructive surgery is recommended, performed by a specialist to obtain a better appearance.

Maxillary hypoplasia

When there is no asymmetry between both sides of the face, or the perception of the face is not aligned vertically, this is usually a problem that upon receiving adequate treatment has a solution and can be corrected.

Facial asymmetries

Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when the baby’s lip or mouth is not properly formed during pregnancy. To correct this problem, surgical repair with a specialist is necessary.

Cleft palate