Go immediately to an assessment to diagnose the problem and determine if the use of endodontics is necessary, restoration or perhaps extraction of the tooth.

Intense nonstop tooth pain

If you notice a tooth moving forward or backward, try to place it in its position with very little pressure. Generally, a loose tooth means that you have an advanced periodontal disease or suffered a blow to the jaw. Go with one of our dentists as soon as possible, since the tooth can be stabilized and stay in place until you get to the office, with the help of a gauze or wet towel. In case of loss of a permanent or adult tooth, keep it moist at all times.

Broken tooth

When biting, cuting or pricking the tongue, lips or cheet may cause bleeding. Apply firm pressure to the injured area with gauze or a clean cloth. If the bleeding does not stop in 15 minutes, immediately contact a dentist or doctor, as it may require points to solve the problem. If it does not bleed, clean the area with gauze or a clean cloth with warm water. Apply an ice pack to the injured area and contact a dentist for instructions.

Soft tissue injuries

If it turns difficult to breathe or eat food regardless of the type of injury that occurs, calm must be remain and dentist attendance it is most advisable for this type of emergency. The specialist doctors will evaluate the situation and give appropriate treatment.

Difficulty breathing or swallowing