The pressure from biting or grinding the teeth can cause the crack open of a tooth and generate extreme pain, even if it is too small, the crack can open and irritate the inner pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue that contains the dental nerves and blood vessels. In some cases to save the tooth it is necessary to carry out the endodontic procedure.

Pain when exposing the tooth to cold or hot

If experiencing pain when eating or drinking, chewing with the affected side of the mouth must be avoid. The treatment to a broken or cracked tooth must depend on it’s size, location of the crack and recurring symptoms

I have broken or fractured tooth

Pressing or applying pressure in a bad way when chewing can cause a tooth to fracture, causing the structure of the tooth to wear out over time, resins or other restorations may be necessary to solve a possible crack, specialist attention it is recommend.

Pain when eating or drinking

A strong blow in the mouth can cause fissures or fractures in the teeth, creating a defined or microscopic dental crack. If it would to get bigger, a piece of tooth can break, when this problem occurs there is a greater risk of developing an infection in the gum around the fractured piece.

Intense nonstop tooth pain

By exposing the tooth enamels from cold to extreme heat, it is possible that a tooth is broken. The type of treatment to be assigned, locating the wound and determinating the severity of a fissure can be only done by a specialist.

Tooth sensitivity