One of the most acute and intense pains that a person can suffer is the pain of teeth or molars, this discomfort could be cause of cavities. This dental problem destroys the enamel in a certain way that extends towards the inside of the tooth, which causes hypersensitivity and pain when exposed to abrup temperature changes, or having contact with food.

Once the enamel has been irreversibly destroyed, your dentist may have to close the hole in the tooth caused by decay. In more severe cases, endodontic treatment may be necessary.

Blister sores in mouth or throat

One cause of this is usually cavities, since these penetrate deeply from the structure of the tooth to the nerve, causing sensitivity to certain foods and beverages at the time of chewing.

Difficulty opening the mouth

The roots of the teeth is composed of two layers tissue, one called “root cement” and a softer one called “enamel”; when it loses its natural protection, it is exposed to external stimulus, turning it more sensitive to contact with heat and cold, making it vulnerable more vulnerable to the appearance of decay.

Abscess cause red and swollen bulge around a patient’s mouth, this occurs when an infection has reached the tooth root or when the periodontal pockets have become infected in the gums. It can appear as a result of an unattended caries, a blow, a broken tooth, or an infection of the gums. Medical treatment must be immediate to avoid complications and for the infection to spread to other parts of the body.